How to Clean a House Before Moving Out

If you’re moving out from your current house, you’re probably caught up in the moving plans like preparing all the furniture and stuff, packing all the belongings and preparing the new house. All of these will take a lot of effort, because it’s a hard work to do. But before you move out and settle in your new home, you have to make sure that your old home is thoroughly-cleaned before you leave. If you don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, you can always hire professional cleaning who do move out cleaning in Portland. Do the following tips to get you started.  

Cleaning the Kitchen 

Start your move out cleaning by hitting off the kitchen. Clean the stove and oven first. Buy sprayable cleaner and follow the instructions. Evenly apply to the inside of the oven, the broiler sheets and the grates. Next, clean the stove. Use an abrasive cleaner to scrub the spots on the stovetop. Wipe the surface with paper towels or sponge. After the stove, disinfect the dishwasher. Sanitize it using vinegar to wash away the grime and remove the odors. You now have to clean the countertops and drawers. Wash the sink using a soft cloth and gentle soap. The last one is the refrigerator. Make sure you remove all the food before cleaning.  

Cleaning the Bathroom 

Start the bathroom cleaning by wiping the counters and walls using an all-purpose cleaner. Use a sponge or damp rag when cleaning. Next are the tub and shower. Use a cleanser and start cleaning from the top moving down to the floor. Clean the mirrors, drawers and windows too. Wipe the areas using a damp rag. For the mirrors and windows, use a window cleaner and rag. Next, clean the toilet. Make sure you use rubber gloves when cleaning. Scrub the toilet with a brush. Wash the sink using a disinfectant. Lastly, clean the floor. You can use a wet rag or a mop.  

Cleaning the Bedroom and Living Room 

Start with cleaning the furniture, ceiling fans and walls. When dusting off ceiling fans, use a disinfecting spray and rag. For the walls, use a damp rag. Next, the windows open them and clean the tracks first. Use a sponge and all-purpose cleaner. Soak the window blinds in soapy and warm water. Place them in a sink of warm water with soap so you won’t clean it by hand. Lastly, clean the floors. Once you’re done using the room, clean the floors. Clean the carpet, and then sweep the tile or hardwood floor.  

Cleaning the Outside 

Now you’re done cleaning the interior, it’s time to clean the exterior. Remove all the items you left outside, like hanging decorations. If you have a yard, it’s smart to cut the grass and pull the weeds. Clean up the fallen leaves. Sweep and clean the balcony or porch. Scrub the porch steps using a heavy-duty brush and soap. Clean the garage if you have one. Remove all the remaining items. Sweep the floor.  

After all these, you’re going to do a one last sweep. Take a note of the things you haven’t cleaned yet, even the small ones.   


Top Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Nowadays, in this appearance driven world, the beauty and looks seem to become one of the key factors for success. This is the reason why there is an increased popularity of the cosmetic dentistry. From whitening of the teeth and bonding, to contouring and veneers, the need of cosmetic dentistry is getting higher. Therefore, who doesn’t want a pearly smile. However, the cosmetic dentistry will not just give you a very good smile, it will also make sure that your oral health is complete and promote a positive self-image. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

The cosmetic dentistry is not only promoting your teeth to be whiter. There are also many other different procedures done by a professional cosmetic dentist in Salt Lake City, which will aid improve the look and alignment of your teeth. The following are some of the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry: 

  • Dental Implants – A surgical procedure in which missing teeth are being replaced. 
  • Dental Veneers – a Procedure where porcelain shells are inserted in front of the teeth in order to improve the color and shape of the teeth. 
  • Dental Bonding – Repair of cracked and broken teeth. 

Each procedure needs time, patients and enough skill sets. Hence, it is very important to know something about cosmetic dentistry procedures which you are planning to do, the pros and cons and definitely the cost. Your dentist must be able to give you such information and advise you of what procedure benefits you. Whatever the cosmetic dentistry procedures you plan on doing, or you have selected, these procedures will surely benefit you a lot. These are the major advantages of cosmetic dentistry: 

  • Boost Your Self-Confidence – Bad teeth is the leading reason why some people avoid smiling and have a low-self-confidence. As a matter of fact, bad teeth may even affect someone’s career. According to some reports, having bad teeth give a negative impact on someone’s professional success. If you’re embarrassed by your bad teeth and scared of smiling in many crowd, some people will judge you. You should ask your dentist about this cosmetic dentistry procedure which will best fix your smile and increase your self-worth and confidence. 
  • Look a Lot Younger – You might be in your thirty’s however, you look at least ten to fifteen years older because of the bad teeth. Strong and healthy teeth will surely make you a lot younger. And there are also several various cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants and veneers which can totally help you look and feel a lot younger, and also improve your smile. All of these can be done by a professional yet affordable cosmetic dentist in Salt Lake City. 
  • Boost Your Health – do you know that bad oral health doesn’t just mean gum disease and tooth decay? Most people who do not take good care of their teeth, most likely are to be diagnosed with oral and pancreatic cancer, kidney problems, heart disease and diabetes. In addition to that, poor oral health is actually one of the main culprits for frequent joint pains and headaches. Bringing back your smile with the cosmetic dentistry will increase your oral health as well as to force you to implement proper and regular oral hygiene. This will absolutely boost your health.